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Since our inception in St Barth in 1984 prior to incorporating DENIZEN WORLD Corp. in 1989 in Houston Texas, USA, where we are headquartered. Our company has grown from its initial one-island market with 4 local retailers to trading in 702 destinations in 178 nations on all 7 continents, including Antarctica.

We tally 5,800 enthusiastic retailers and still counting.

All points of sale are serviced principally by our 4 regional sales offices that cover our global presence and shouldered by 68 international distributors and 123 independent sales agents that contribute to our growth on the international and domestic scene in Travel Retail.

  • Two offices in the USA, Houston TX our head office and Miami, FL.
  • Hong Kong office in charge of our duty free market, Southeast Asia and South Pacific.
  • Beaune, France opened in charge of Europe, Africa & the Middle East.

Currently we count:

  • 53 international airlines combining 2391 commercial jets on board which DENIZEN® is retailed duty free.
  • 62 cruise and ferry lines combining 314 ships on board which they retail DENIZEN® in duty paid or duty free environments.
  • 751 duty free stores retail the sport line of DENIZEN® in stainless steel.
  • 2647 luxury boutiques and upscale resort gift shops retail our sport line or premium line in sterling silver.
  • 1596 jewelry stores retail all our combined collections and lines.
  • 387 luxury jewelry stores retail our luxury line in 14 and 18kt gold.

Many of these milestones are covered by the specialized press in our Press & News menu

  These figures are not static as they increase regularly with time. They were accurate at the last update: Dec. 1, 2020