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Little Switzerland

Dear Humphrey,

Please find hereafter a sampling of the  Denizen ™  Bracelets where Little Switzerland indicates having a store in your website.

It is very unlikely we do not not have the Denizen ™ of some location where you may operate or plan on expanding to.

For ease of presentation all Denizen™ Bracelets were shown in the Pure model or Tender Tear designs.

We have 4 distinctive styles (all come in 3 sizes) MINI - SMALL AND LARGE and all adjusable as per samples entrusted with you to show your management.  

  • - Pure (plain)  (as in right column)
  • - Tender Tear withe one CZ (as in the left column)
  • - Bliss as for St Thomas on this page 
  • -  Saturn as in the last image of Aruba.

We started the design (it's only a computer generated image of the ABC bracelet) as we discussed it. I think you will like it personally and will love selling it as most tourists or cruisers do as they collect them during their vacations.

Should you be interested in carrying the Denizen ™ line for your Caribbean stores, please do not hesitate to contact us. For Aruba we designed exceptionally the iconic Divi tree along with the island map 

Here you will find the link to more non-published images:   http://bit.ly/11Ixk1q













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Denizen ™