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Colombian Emeralds

Hello and welcome. 

It is exciting to know you are finally on this page. This is the culmination of  a two year wait our month long work, hoping we can bring you here tso you may discover the Denizen.

Before perusing the presentation, kindly read thoroughly and entirely this page.

You will appreciate in many different ways how your stores can benefit from retailing the Denizen and why.

First a brief presentation of the Denizen. A more elaborate version is available in the introduction of our brochure at www.denizenbracelet.com/jewelry

The Denizen™ bracelet is a world class destination jewelry concept, like no other.

its design creates not only an emotional sense of place but also a strong local identity for travelers to bring home who treasure their memories .

We created for  travelers to treasure their memories of a specific destination by creating a visual sense of place and a local identity wherever we make it for.

Currently, the Denizen  is available in 213 destinations worldwide on all 7 continents, including Antarctica. To have a sense of our world presence, we invite you to visit us at our instagram account: www.instagram.com/denizenbracelet


Intuitively you will click on the cover page of the presentation to start flipping through its pages from your desktop or sliding them on your phone.

From the first pages, you will realize aside from being a beautiful product and well-conceived, how valuable it is and what a perfect match the Denizen can be for your all stores. We are confident you will love it at first sight as do 3 million tourists each year. You can even ask Verna your store manager at the St Maarten airport the very high number of times and constant requests she gets about the Denizen.

How do you benefit from it? It would be too long to state all the advantages but I will pick a few that come back frequently in the mouths of thousands of retailers who sell the Denizen of their own destination.

  1. Denizen has no competitor with similar or resembling products. Our concept is jealously protected by patents, copyrights, and trademarks.


  1. Denizen is sold exclusively in Travel Related retail stores and its destination only (exception is made to airport locations that act as hub airports for nearby smaller islands (ex. Grenada for the Grenadines, St Maarten for St Barth and Anguilla, Antigua for Jumby Bay and Barbuda).


  1. The cutout concept of Denizen creates a void for the eye quickly filled by an emotion that connects with a location that is treasured for years, quoting thousands of customers who leave comments in our website and Instagram account.


  1. The Denizen is unisex. It appeals to ladies, men, couple and children. It is also construed as a world class travel gift thanks to its perceived higher value than its actual retail price.


  1. The emotion it creates appeals equally to locals, expats and tourists.


  1. Its cleverly designed and patented disc concept display is your best salesperson and story teller to explain graphically the what is the Denizen to new customers. It is also the signal of its presence in your store for those who are familiar with it for seeing it in other parts of the world. Its LED light creates a focal point that attracts they eye of a distant passenger from afar.


  1. Its countertop display or tower showcase have the absolute minimum space requirement 12 and 18 in of valuable counter and floor space.



  1. It is sold on board 48 international major airlines each selling its own Denizen of its home base country. They all advertise for you without ever competing against you.


  1. We offer you co-op programs where we participate up to 70% of your advertising costs. *conditions apply


  1. We supply your floor sales staff a free Denizen bracelet so your customers can see it worn and can relate to it instantly.


  1. We offer motivational programs for your sales staff to push the sale of Denizen through contests.


  • the first salesperson that sells 500 bracelets taken from all stores receives a $100 bonus from us. The contest is renewed right after.
  • The best overall seller over period of a year will receive a $1000.00 grand prize vacation


  1. We offer great retail margins you will never lower to discount our merchandise


  1. Your cruise ship passengers, as they disembark will look for your store at the next port of call to add to their collection as each island carries only its destination. This in turn creates a loyalty among your customers to visit every store or almost every store. No other brand can assure you of repeated sale by the same customer. We can thanks to our concept.


  1. The Denizen is a great seller on board cruise ships particularly among repeat passengers who no longer shop aboard, as they are all too familiar with the same selection seen on previous cruises. The Denizen is your solution. On each cruise, you will carry the tailor made Denizen of the islands/ports of call in that itinerary.


  1. Our website will never compete against you. To the contrary, we will drive you traffic by publishing MSRP higher than yours in your store. All shoppers, particularly millennials, look for the best deal on their phones before making a purchasing decision, thanks to free wifi nearly everywhere in the globe. Those who still buy uninformed have become marginal a sort of species to become extinct rapidly.


  1. You finally answer the call of your customers whom you have heard asking over and over throughout the years, “Do you have something that reminds me of my vacation on this island”


It is worth mentioning some airport locations act as hub airports. I can think in your region St Maarten that service international flights bound for North America and Europe to smaller islands around (St Barth and Anguilla), Grenada or St Vincent (hub airports for the Grenadines, Nassau for the other Bahamian islands. These will be allowed to carry the Denizen of these islands.


Note. The Denizen is a concept package that remained unchanged for 27 years, yet still growing strong in old and new markets. It is not to be confused with brands that create new lines each year you can pick and choose from. The Denizen is a concept presented the same worldwide offering a memento likened to a “local” jewelry.

3 styles (showcased at any time out of 4)

2 sizes (showcased or eventually 3 out 5)

On their own specially designed display for that destination.


We hope you enjoy the visuals we created for you and look forward to partnering with you this season to help you achieve higher sales with the Denizen.


Happy Reading.

the Denizen Team