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Colombian Emeralds presentation

Hello Joy, hello Beth,

This presentation has been prepared exclusively for you and Colombian Emeralds.

The strong point that no other brand can offer is:

1. Denizen is a jewelry line and many are too

2. Denizen is a souvenir line which eliminates most

3. Denizen is unisex and worn indifferently by Ladies and Men

4. Denizen is frequently purchased in twos and more by couples

5. Denizen is a collectible as it boasts a different design bespoke to each destination. As such it has the amazing ability to draw returning crowds at each of your stores located on another island to collect a new one of a different location.

6. Denizen is never sold online by mass discounters, that tend to outprice you.

7 Denizen is never found "back home" at least not of the same destination design.

8. Denizen knows of no direct competitor and will never have one as our concept is protected by patents and copyrights.

9. Denizen offers a broad spectrum of prices and types of metal ranging from the mid 50$ to the mid four figures $5,000

10. Denizen provide excellent and above average industry margins. (conditions apply).

Please review it and share with us how we could work together in the Caribbean islands you are currently having a store in.