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We are pleased to have designed this page specially for your resort gift shops. We reproduced each Denizen™ Bracelet as they will exactly look like when they will retail in your stores.

For ease of presentation and tracking,  Denizen™ Bracelets  and necklaces are arrayed in the order they are displayed in our displays but also in our visuals as well as our proposals and commercial invoices.

Most of our collections are composed of 4 styles, each with its own distinct personality and character, and of course price point.

First is the " Pure" style (a classic design with a mannish touch, streamlined and minimalist) in two standard size (S, L) and available also in 3 optional sizes (SX, M, XL).

Then comes the mid-priced " Tender Tear" style with a feminine touch of class with one one generic CZ or supplied by Swarovski (with a higher price point). Sizes remain the same.

The third style is " Bliss", emblematic of opulence and class is a pave of glittering CZ supplied (or not as per order) by Swarovski.

the fourth and last is "Saturn". It is never delivered at the same time as the "Bliss" but rather comes as a substitute the following year and year 3 we revert back to "Bliss" again.


The Denizen™ Bracelets is a classic concept, showcased in its display exactly the same all over the world. (3 styles and 2 sizes). Frequently it is confused as some jewelry line for main street where they have to bring in new collections each year to keep up.
The Denizen remains a world-class souvenir that resembles a jewelry, appealing exclusively to travelers. This is the reason its distribution channels are only through Travel Related retail stores that cater in greater part to travelers and less to residents.


Now time is to enjoy our Brand Presentation at denizenbracelet.com/BP



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