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Hello Polly,

We are pleased to have designed this page specially for you. You will find hereafter a sampling of images of Denizen™ Bracelets specific only to the islands where you currently have a retail operation. 

For ease of presentation, here below, all Denizen™ Bracelets are shown in the "Tender Tear" style. However, you can see more styles by clicking on any bracelet. You probably will see the gold plated Bliss, In this page I have also included an image of what the Bliss style looks like. 

The Denizen ™ Bracelets is concept that is seen and shipped to all retailers around the world in the very same presentation. Currently it's in 184 parts of the world, not including private labels.spl

The displays showcase 2 sizes of bracelets by default:  S MALL & LARGE, however additional bracelet sizes can be added.

The Denizen ™ Bracelets have four distinctive styles, each with its personality and character.

You can view unpublished images in this link: Click Here

  • Pure                    (plain)
  • Tender Tear       (with one CZ)
  • Bliss                    (pave filled with CZ) 
  • Saturn                (rimmed ring of stones)

Displays carried at any given moment retailers carry 3 styles: Then we alternate between Bliss and Saturn every other year.

The Denizen turned out to be even to our surprise a amazing top seller product because of its perfect:

- price point

- zen design that attracts both genders

- emotional connection it creates between your customer and his place of vacation while visiting your island.

In addition, the bracelets, frequently sell in multiples as mothers like to purchase one for their daughter(s). Last but not least the Denizen , have become a collectible phenomenon. You can see stars like Matt Damon, Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, Beyonce and so many more (you can see in the link above. 


Thank you. and here is your presentation.












                     CLICK ON ANY DISPLAY TO ZOOM


™ Bracelets ™ Bracelets http://bit.ly/GDEqvz http://bit.ly/GDEqvz http://bit.ly/GDEqvz http://bit.ly/GDEqvz http://bit.ly/GDEqvzhttp://bit.ly/GDEqvz
http://bit.ly/11Ixk1q http://bit.ly/11Ixk1q http://bit.ly/11Ixk1q