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About us

planet Saturn  Where it all began: The inspiration of our design following the observation of Saturn in a telescope.


DENIZEN® bracelet was born French in the luxury resort island of St. Barts. An American surgeon, passionate about astronomy, sailing and the island. One night of fall in year 1984, he was inspired by the apparition of planet Saturn in his new telescope, fine tuning the idea by his future founding partner who also frequented the island. He was a psychologist by trade and practicing in his hometown Paris, France. Mesmerized by the dazzling ring contrasting with the absolutely veiled surface an eye couldn't see, they had a revelation. The vision sparked more their imagination than it offered substance for their eyes to gaze upon. And so came about the Bracelet of St Barth, later named DENIZEN. They had been cogitating for some time about the idea to create a keepsake on par with the prestige of the island as a world class destination for millionaires and Hollywood A-lister visitors as their friends local retailers and jewelers by trade expressed frustratingly their inability to find the right product.

A highly respected Paris-based goldsmith was commissioned to manufacture the prototype and the first series of the initial orders placed by the finest French jewelers on island, many still in existence, have remained our loyal retailers to this day. Based on the planet two factors they observed, they replicated the rings into a high polished round shaped charm and an ''invisible" land mass of St Barts to the eye, epitomized by what will become our signature design the cutout of its map creating a stunning yet minimalist jewelry with an amazing sense of place everyone loved at first sight to this day.

The initial production was in 18kt gold to befit the fortunate well heeled who vacationed on island.

The idea to visualize mentally their own memories turned out to be overly astute. The precious metal echoed the epitome of luxury. The adjustable cord made of natural fiber of bamboo staples mirrored a bohemian exercise of French fashion reflecting the laid back demeanor of '' un je ne sais quoi" typical St Barth and St Tropez vacation style.

The splendid design was on point emblematic of the destination conveying an exclusive Sense of Place unanimously everyone identified with a remarkable thrill, which led to an instantaneous success still seen with new retailers in new destinations like yours. Today DENIZEN is sold in nearly 178 countries and territories. You can find our brand sold locally at airport by our retailer Santo in Milan, Italy and you will find us also with Sanjay at Mumbai Duty Free at the airport of the same city in India. The rest is history as we stock more than 5800 retailers worldwide and still growing.

DENIZEN Bracelet of St Barth gold

And so was born the DENIZEN® Bracelet inspirited by the very same precept.


DENIZEN Bracelet of St Maarten in Tender Tear

Our signature concept was at inception a charm made exclusively in 18kt (for St Barth) and 14kt gold (for Ibiza) and other luxury markets / destinations. It was mounted on an adjustable cord (still most popular), leather or chain bracelet in which we cut out the discernible map of some specific destination, like yours and/or its related symbol.

More accessories were introduced subsequently to include necklaces, pendants, earrings, cuff links, brooches, key rings, necktie clips etc... We diversified our metal line to include sterling silver, stainless steel, even in limited series ebony charms filled with 24kt gold or lesser content.

Two factors help reinforce the cognizance of a location:

1. Retailers are allowed to market the design of their destination only. (Though we make exception to airport hub stores and cruise/ferry lines.

2. We devised an astute display to showcase but mostly to replicates the design of each charm in an over sized metallic disc in which we explicitly engrave the name of the location and perform the cutout of its map, thus it is custom made with each order received.

  DENIZEN Bracelet display of Ireland

Different retail venues are given different displays. More on the subject in this weblink: displays 

 DENIZEN® offers 7 different collections that all share the same precept with the exception of  Sextan which departs from our inceptive concept. Discover it and all 6 other collections in our brochure starting page 37 to 83.

DENIZEN Bracelet Cruiselink charms sold on board cruise lines

DENIZEN Bracelet Sextan collection

Our designs incorporate 4 principal styling from the most minimalist design that appeal to both ladies and men to the glamorized design with diamonds. You can discover them all in our brochure or at our weblink: styles

We appeal through our sub brands of DENIZEN to 3 different markets, which we differentiate through different logos, displays, packaging, retail venues and price points:

  • The sporty line in stainless steel with retail price points €39 to €75.00. depending on complexity of the design and how finicky work it requires. There are 3 classes of price points.
  • The premium line in sterling silver with retail prices points 85 to 189.00
  • Upgrade in finish Elissa (leather bands), Lexington (detachable band) and Reverso (link chain) we do not consider collections but rather finish with price increase ranging from 135 to 379.00 
  • The luxury collection in 14 and/or 18kt gold. with retail price points ranging from  480 to 10,000 as the model showed atop the page.

N.B. Our gold line is exclusively sold in luxury jewelry stores and elegantly packaged for each retail venue. 



PREMIUM AND LUXURY LINES PACKAGING for silver and gold lines  (notice the differentiation in logo to distinguish categories)

DENIZEN Bracelet premium and luxury lines packaging



DENIZEN® bracelets appeal to travelers, (visitors, guests, passengers) who are on a journey to create for themselves our motto  Unforgettable Travel Memories™.  Images of customers who send us back their photos to be posted in our social media seem to have no particular age group, confirmed in the online warranty registration. We appeal to both genders with our unisex model and we are not limited to any specific ethnic or cultural group. Take a moment to review our Instagram account with thousands of shining faces coming from all corners of the world. You will see from the classiest to the funkiest and from the youngest to the oldest.

  DENIZEN Bracelet customers



All of our retailers operate in the Travel Retail and resort destinations covering several retail venues.

On land:               Luxury hotel/resort boutiques, spas, concierges, theme parks, golf/surf/ski pro shops, museums, tourism offices, airport duty free stores, border duty free stores, sea port shops, train stations, standard, jewelry and concept stores of touristic destinations.

On water:            Ferry lines and cruise lines (porthole packaging . see above)

In air:                    Inflight sales (airplane window packaging . see above)

On Ice:                  From the North Pole, in Alaska to the South Pole in Antarctica and nearly all fashionable snow-capped mountain destinations of Europe and the American Rockies, including Canada.


 Below are some images of various retailers around the world:


Your clear advantages in retailing DENIZEN®


  1. DENIZEN® knows of no direct competitor in terms of precept, concept and design. In turn, this warrants you will not be undersold.
  2. DENIZEN ® is a relatable product to a specific destination. Henceforth, it will never be available at a destination other than yours. This creates a sense of urgency that emboldens impulse buys. Instinctively, your customers know they stand little no chance of finding your DENIZEN elsewhere but in your store, and certainly not at a some competitor "back home" when they return.
  3. Unlike for other brands, our authorized retailers promote your bracelets rather than compete against you since they only carry their own design. 
  4. Set your retail prices with greater margins than we suggest. After all you have a worldwide exclusive on your design.
  5. We are a 100% custom-made manufacturer of our brand. Thus we will never carry "excess inventory" that will be "unloaded" in a grey market to mass discounters. 
  6. Our opulent merchandising conveys a higher-perceived value of our products than their actual retail price, making it look like a great deal customers can't afford to miss.
  7. Our bracelets are 100% made-in-USA. They come with a lifetime warranty. (stringing is a consumable)
  8. We assist you in promoting your store and DENIZEN products in many ways starting with supplying you free bracelets for your sales and relevant staff to wear before your customers. (ask our associates for more details)
  9. For stand alone stores we offer co-op advertising programs crediting you up to 50% of your advertising expenditures. Click here for this authentic example extended to a retailer

DENIZEN Bracelet St Barth