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PRESENTATION FOR DFASS GROUP in-flight sales and stores

Hello Carolyn and Anthony


This page, intentionally created for you three and teams is for your exclusive review and consideration.  It is not listed or published in our website. It is parked in our server only to remain private and kept away from the public eyes.

You will find below a short presentation of our Denizen bracelet regrouping designs of specific locations serviced by your airline partners we wish you to consider for your in-flight sales.

We are equally interested in working with you in your airport stores in North and South America and the Caribbean. 

Our Website and our Brand Portfolio should give you a clear understanding of who, what and where we are. 

Though, based in the USA and our production facilities implanted in the suburbs of Houston TX, our Duty Free sales are carried out by an autonomous sister company in Hong Kong, currently headed by by our director of Duty Free and Travel Retail Sales, Ms. Estelle Baumann. 

We hope you will enjoy our rich collection of visual materials reflective of our brand.

To that effect we would like to send you a sample to each of you for your review. These samples were set aside for you in Cannes but we missed you both at our booth we shared with our dear friend and agent during the show Mrs Nadia Skouri of Buying the Sky, Paris, FR. 

Below is a selection of some airlines that are piquing our interest. Those underlined were prioritized as potentially the first we could discuss prior to expanding to the others. Among them some are highlighted in bold to indicate their ranking in the shortlist. It does not need to be all of them but rather one of them.

The sorting is reflecting of the alphabetical order of the names as they appear in your website.   Air Canada, Air Mauritius, Air Canada Rouge, Caribbean Airlines, El Al, Eastern Airlines, Fly Jamaica, Hawaiian Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Hong Kong Express, HK Express, Lasca, Singapore Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Royal Jordanian and Thai Express. 

All our web pages are equally optimized to be viewed from a lap/desktop or a phone for those on the go.

It can be accessed by simply typing /dfass after our website name.

To start visualizing your personalized PRESENTATION click here below on the thumbnail to expand the view mode to full page...

We look forward to a mutually profitable relationship.


Valerie Sarandon

Administrative director