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-  Unrivaled signature design with our cutout map-concept portraying in our jewelry and displays a sense of place of your destination.

-  No nearby direct competitor will challenge you with a similar line, as we are the only one in the world with our concept.

-  Unisex design appealing to all genders ensuring every prospect in your store into a likely customer. Frequently purchased by couples to commemorate their vacation (see our " Happy Wanderlusters" here above in the top menu. 

-  Custom-made design means this is not a mass produced merchandise often ending by so many brands in the hands of destocking brokers or online mass discounters, that slash retail prices below your actual cost making you lose margins and often credibility with your customers. DENIZEN WORLD is exceptionally one of the rare brands that has never sold its products on sale or discounted them or authorized its retailers to do so regardless of the time of the year or marketing "holiday" period.  

-  Exclusivity equates rarity which commands higher prices than MSRP that convey alluring profitable high margins above industry standards.

-  Unmatched sense of urgency to purchase an upmarket / luxury keepsake at your store with an unapologetic subtle message "Buy it now or forever miss out on the opportunity to ever find it elsewhere, particularly once you go home. 

-  Products are showcased in award-winning luxury displays that suggest a higher perceived value than surprisingly its actual retail value.

-  Timeless design that appealed to our first time customers that have remained loyal and repeat customers to the brand buying from other retailers at other destinations, and now their 3 rd generation grand kids are following their footsteps patronizing our retailers for a local DENIZEN Bracelet.

-  Each destination is unequivocally unique thus, it comes with an equally unique design that creates a sense of adding to a collection as they visit more places.

-  Dual perception of our product. A world-class keepsake and a destination jewelry that remains infused with a local sense of place.

-  Award winning assortment of visual merchandising adapted to your retail venue to assist you successfully sell the brand.

-  This is the only brand other retailers in other parts of the world do not compete against you but rather promote your destination as they only sell the design of their destination and so will you.

-  Our products are always retailed in our website 20% higher than your most expensive retail price set for our brand. In doing so, we push your customers to purchase from you rather than leave the opportunity to order from us online.

-   MOQ adaptable to suit reasonable needs (expect aftereffect in wholesale unit price). Please note in our webpage that covers MOQ (see link) is a suggested and can be adapted to your needs in most reasonable cases, however you our tier pricing will adversely affect you as our fixed costs are divided by a smaller quantity.

-  Attractive tier-pricing as you entirely benefit from the savings of fixed cost associated with production as they divided over larger unit quantity).

-  Free promotional bracelets for sales floor associates to wear and model with in store.

-  Contest among sales floor associates for the best producer of the month to win a cash prize ( arranged in agreement with you, provided you do not have contradictory policies for your sales people to earn cash prizes). 

-  Co-op advertising financing you up to 60% of your annual purchases ( see example on luxury magazine of a retailer in Turks and Caicos).