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Sales Rep Resources

Dear Sales Rep

This page contains all the documents required to complete your application and disclosure. It contains also another section once you have been approved and your agreement signed.

1.   NDA - Non Disclosure Agreement - Confidentiality agreement

2. Application form

3. Sales projections and forecasts for the next 36 months

4.   Rep Agreement

5. Pipe line management

6. Acquire your sales rep demo pouch for your presentations

One Demo Pouch containing twelve bracelets of which
i. Vendome collection
ii. Sextan collection
iii. One necklace
iv. Two gift boxes containing a bracelet (Sailor and Aviator model)
v. One promotional bracelet to wear during presentations.
cost fully refundable after the 5th fully paid in sale.

Denizen bracelet collector pouch - Denizen bracelet sales rep demo pouch

Learn about your CCM (Commission Credit Memorandum and how to fill it out (accessible to bona fide reps only).
Learn how to read Denizen commercial or duty free invoices (accessible to bona fide reps only).
 Training document of do's and don't of retailers showcasing our products (accessible to bona fide reps only).

If you feel that you need additional information, don't hesitate to contact the manager or executive that pointed you to this page. Alternatively, write us mentioning you are an applicant requiring some assistance in completing any of these documents. Address the issue to your contact or write to our general mail delivery: 


We  look forward to having you on board.

Thank you.

Denizen Sales Team