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Created by two globetrotters sharing their passion for travel

What is DENIZEN?

DENIZEN™ has been a brand made and cut for travelers for nearly 40 years and you have probably seen us during your travels, on the ground (airport stores, train stations, border shops, hotel & resort boutiques), in the air (in-inflight duty free magazines), or at sea (on board cruise ships or ferries).

Created to answer a call for a high-end souvenir, DENIZEN™ is an astute destination jewelry with a sense of place setting it apart from the mass-produced standard souvenirs. It is sought-after by travelers of all ages, seduced by its unisex and timeless designs which make it a very popular collectible memento. More than a souvenir, DENIZEN™ triggers emotions: the excitement of traveling, the nostalgia of the mother land, or national pride.

We fashion a keepsake into a sentimental, minimalist yet startling jewelry with an unprecedented design. It embodies travel memories of hundreds of destinations around the planet, from Antarctica to Zimbabwe.

If you are on this page, it means we have designed the legacy of our bracelet for your location, or that you are looking for it. Let us know if we can create it for you!


Our story

French by birth on the chic island of St Barth and international by ‘berth’, DENIZEN™ created its first collection, “Vendome”, on the famous eponymous square in 1984. This best-selling timeless collection was aptly renamed “Voyage”.

Initially handcrafted on St Martin, FWI, and first adopted by  celebrity customers  and locals as a fashionable rallying sign, DENIZEN™ soon relocated to cope with its success. The collections have been produced in the US for the last 3 decades, with international offices to service our customers and retailers around the world. Today, the brand, which is French American by the alliance of its current co-founders and partners, is present worldwide with exclusive collections for each destination.

International by nature, universal by meaning, DENIZEN™ embodies both wanderlust and the sense of belonging to a land (or body of water), one destination at a time, all around the world. But what does DENIZEN mean?



noun: an inhabitant or occupant of a particular place.

a foreigner allowed certain rights in the adopted country.


A vision inspired by heavenly destinations

It has been a brilliant idea from the start, an imaginative vision owed to serendipity. During a star-gazing session of October 1984 on the island of St Barts, the stunning planet Saturn appeared in the telescope of one of the founders. There laid the celestial inspiration: Saturn’s rings circling the planet’s blurry surface like a polished silver disc. And so was born the DENIZEN Bracelet ®:  a subtle cut-out map or symbol in an eye-catching, high-polished medallion of a particular destination, for each traveler to reminisce precious memories of their journeys.


Our collections

From its classic ‘Pure’ design made of Sterling Silver, our range expanded into various models and 8 distinctive collections of bracelets, pendants, cufflinks, and earrings also offered in 14 & 18kt gold.  

In 2015, we developed our Stainless-steel line as we entered the global duty-free market demanding grab-and-go prices and easy-to-wear pieces.

In 2023, we launched our charm collection, especially suited for cruise and ferry lines, offering upselling at each port of call.


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