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DENIZEN Accessories

DENIZEN WORLD product line offers a richer selection than just bracelets.

At the start of our company, indeed the first jewelry we created was a bracelet.

Only a few years later, we introduced necklaces and additional accessories.

Meanwhile the name DENIZEN Bracelet stuck and remained part of our nickname when referring to DENIZEN WORLD Jewelry:

Legend: For men: (M) -  Unisex:  (U) - For ladies: (L)  

  • cuff links      (M)    one size
  • lapel pins     (M)    one size
  • money clips (M)    one size
  • tie clips        (M)    one size
  • key rings     (U)     one size
  • necklaces   (U)     two (2) sizes    three (3) styles
  • brooches     (L)     one size
  • charms        (L)     one size          three (3) styles
  • earrings       (L)     one size          three (3) styles          two (2) designs)

All above listed accessories are not an integral part of pour DENIZEN STANDARD CONCEPT showcased on our display and consisting only of bracelets.

Each item is an add-on option custom ordered that cannot be considered as a substitute of the standard concept minimum quantity of bracelets.

All share the same MOQ: 50 pieces.

Click on highlighted links to visit their respective pages whenever available.

last update Jul 8, 2019