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Nothing could be further from the truth when assuming DENIZEN is a mass producing company or warehousing ready-to-ship inventory with the design of your destination.

Each order, with its customized elements and components is absolutely tailor-made by our craftsmen to fit the unique characteristics of your retail store(s) within the guidelines of our visual concept.

DENIZEN display layout

These characteristics are a combination of the following attributes:

I . The design of your destination (map / symbol or both) determined by your retail location reflected on the disc display and charms of your bracelets or necklaces. 

II. A metal line of your choosing in line with your desired retail price points range.

  • STEEL   with a price range 39 to 125*

  • SILVER  95 to 295*

  • GOLD    498 to  4980*  



III. The collection(s) of your choosing. Eight (8) in total to select from, all covered in our brochure or the following sampling we illustrated in the presentation you might have received with our email. 

1. Vendome p.39 to 55 - The original classic we are known for in interrupted production for nearly 40 years. 

4. Lexington p.74 to 79 - An opulent version of Vendome with an upsell feature to propose to your customers additional string colors they can change at will. 

6. CRUISELINK p. 80 to 83 - A chain bracelet with add-on / detachable charms factory-mounted or shipped loose for your upsells and for your customers buy-as-you-go selection.

7. SEXTAN p.84 to 87 a bangle or cuff bracelet with a nautical theme featuring the geo-coordinates of a location or its spelled-out name. Inscriptions can be engraved, enameled, cut out or outlined.

8. NAUTILINK p. 88 to 89 our latest creation perfectly designed for seaside resort destinations and cruiselines.   A second chain bracelet with nautical alphabet flags offering endless combinations to form personal or location names in a colorful way and in sky-is-the-limit possible combinations.

IV. For the stainless steel line, your retail venue will determine also the type of  gift box that will packaging your jewelry.

4. Your retail venue and surface area will determine the type (counter or floor) and size of your  display

DENIZEN displays

5. String colors

Most common misconception we noted when initiating talks with new prospective retailers, is their classical conditioned reflexes built over the years from the established process of ordering mass produced merchandise. Their first request is systematically the same: " can you send me a line sheet to order from and what is your  MOQ?"

DENIZEN concept is a classic that has been unvaried for nearly 40 years delivering to all our resellers (distributors and retailers alike) the same principle: A packet bundling up the same overall elements consisting of:

I. MERCHANDISE   The styles and sizes are preset based on the metal line of your choosing.  

STEEL LINE: (with a MSRP ranging from $39 to $85 ) comes in:

  • 2 standard styles: PURE and TENDER TEAR. [ See their images below to identify them]. Each style comes in 3 standard sizes Mini (XS) - Small (S) - Large (L).

  • The XS is delivered in 18kt (yellow or rose) gold plating. You are at liberty to choose a rhodium finish matching their larger kindred. Statistics compiled from retailers' reorders unsurprisingly give a clear advantage to the gold plated XS in terms of sales comparisons.  

  • Optionally you can add to your order Medium (M) and Extra Large (XL) sizes

  • Necklaces are optional but highly recommended for men and matured ladies who favor them. Their charm comes in 2 sizes (S) and (L) of the same diameter as for the bracelets.

It brings a total of 6 SKU bracelets with a maximum of 8 SKU showcased on your display if you carry more gold plated in larger sizes. Optionally it will bring the total to 10 items if you showcase 2 SKU necklaces   

STERLING SILVER: (with a MSRP ranging from $95 to $195) comes in:

  • 4 styles in total (the above two) plus BLISS or SATURN you can choose either one and alternate the following season. [ see their images below to identify them].

  • The XS, unlike the stainless steel line is delivered in sterling silver.

  • Necklaces are optional but highly recommended for men and matured ladies who favor them. Their charm comes in all styles but just in 2 sizes (S) and (L) identical to the bracelets.

It brings a total of 9 SKU bracelets showcased on your display (3 sizes x 3 styles). You can alternate between style 3 BLISS and style 4 SATURN with each subsequent reorder. 

II. PACKAGING. Your gift box is adapted to your retail venue and the metal line you selected

III. DISPLAY appropriately matching your destination, retail venue, metal line and retail space (countertop vs. floor standing tower showcase).

IV. DEMO CASE that serves to store samples to be tried on by your customers without disordering the visual merchandising of your display


1. Their merchandise in preset styles and sizes with 3 levels of quantities to choose from, bearing in mind customization afford significant economies of scales to absorb the fixed costs of production regardless of the quantity ordered.

2. Packaging of the merchandise matching the metal line and retail venue.

3. A disc display that replicates the design of the destination in the merchandise but also the level of elegance based on metal line and retail venue.

- Golf pro shops will sport their merchandise in a countertop golf themed display.

- Gift shop will showcase their merchandise in a countertop secured display with minimal shelf space

- Duty free stores will expose their merchandise in a self-service and self-contained tower showcase for passengers in a hurry to pick their purchase from the furniture provided without the help of an attendant.

- And jewelry stores need to showcase the products in an elegant or luxury way yet it requires the utmost security in a locked floor or countertop display.

merchandise. The displays that showcase our products and even the packaging Frequently retailers ask us to send them a catalogcan you send me a catalog to pick and choose. Accustomed to merchandise of mass production, vendors offer a catalog to select an order. A catalog that changes with the seasons or annually.

DENIZEN is an unvarying streamlined concept, unaffected by passing trends and fashions. Our classic styling has endured the test of time for 40 years without ever picking up a wrinkle or gray hair along its travels.

Each retailer receives the exact same customized package

Invariably you will receive as part of your package:

i. a standard merchandise of 2 styles and 3 sizes befitting your retail venue and retail space (see below for details). We will match their  gift boxes to your retail venue with a neutral themed window for downtown shops. We will customize an airplane window if you are an inflight or airport retailer and for those who are related to nautical or marine themed venues such as retailers on island, at a seaside resort, on board some ship (cruise liner or ferry), we will customize your gift box window to look like a ship porthole.

We offer also packaging adapted to jewelry stores, gift shop/boutique, duty free store, cruise line, airline etc...just as we do with our displays.

DENIZEN Bracelet shipping carton ii. A countertop or floor display (tower showcase) based also on their retail venue and the level of security they require to prevent fraud and theft.

We offer encased locked and secured displays or self serve tower showcases. Click on link to see more.


                                                    TYPICAL GIFT SHOP DISPLAY FOR STEEL LINE                        OUR MOST ELEGANT DISPLAY FOR UPSCALE STORES AND JEWELRY STORES


iii. a demo case to store trial samples for your customers to try without staff disarranging the visual merchandising as laid out for you at our factory.

DENIZEN Demo case

1. Metal line of merchandise

Based on your chosen metal line these styles are the standard designs.

Family of DENIZEN design styles


a) Stainless steel line offers two styles in 3 sizes.

i. Style 1: PURE. A minimalist genderless plain design of the charm produced in 3 standard sizes showcased on the display in their own intended riser:

- Mini (XS)


- Small (S)

- Large (L)

We also manufacture them in two additional (optional sizes) Medium (M) and XL for Extra Large. The latter size is available only in stainless steel.

The medium size is recommended for our Asia based retailers or for markets that welcome annually a significant number of Asian customers.

The XL size is mainly sold in US sphere of influence that welcome North American customers. This size is available and recommended for the following markets. Canada, USA, Bermuda, Mexico and the Caribbean.

ii. Style 2: TENDER TEAR  An inlaid CZ or other gemstone decorates the face of the charm 

It is also produced in the same 3 standard sizes (XS - S - L) showcased on the display with their own intended risers.


a) Sterling silver line is proposed in 4 styles in 3 sizes (XS - S - L) including the two above.

Style 3:  BLISS. A glitzy pave design inlaid with CZ or gemstones filling up the face of the charm. It is produced in 3 standard sizes showcased also on their intended riser:

Style 4: SATURN Another glitzy design made of inlaid CZ or gemstones inlaid in the perimeter of the charm.



We alternate yearly styles 3 and 4 (Bliss and Saturn) showcasing one of them on their retail display. So you never see all 4 styles on the same display. It allows retailers to make additional sales if the same customer returns.

The display offers also the possibility to showcase necklaces (which are totally optional) but strongly recommended for matured ladies.

  Contact us for the gold line in 18 or 14kt.

In addition we receive your merchandise packaged as per