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Metals, Styles & Sizes


  • Steel:  Our pocket-friendly steel line is made of surgical-grade hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel made to live with you during all seasons and under all climates. Our pieces are plated with either rhodium or yellow/rose gold. 
  • Silver: Our more premium .925 sterling silver line offers pieces that require a bit more maintenance (regular polishing with a dedicated cloth might be needed) and that will show a light patina over time. Original shine can be restore through professional polishing.    Our pieces are plated with either rhodium or yellow/rose gold (called vermeil).
  • Gold:  Our fine jewelry line comes in 14kt, 18kt and up to 24kt white, yellow and rose gold. Only white gold is plated with rhodium. 
  • Rhodium is one of the rarest and most expensive precious metals with a price that has reached in the recent past up to 3 times the value of gold and twice the price of platinum. It is a hard, silvery metallic element that is plated on other metals including white gold to produce a durable shine, corrosion-resistant coating on the finest jewelry.
  • Plating:  Rhodium (silver color), black rhodium, yellow gold, rose gold, rainbow



  • Pure is our unisex style, polished or brushed without CZ.
  • Star is our more feminine style:  1 CZ (steel/silver) or 1 diamond (14-18kt gold).
  • Bliss:  CZ pave (steel/silver) or diamonds inlay (14-18kt gold).
  • Saturn: CZ/diamonds inlay along the perimeter. 



  1. Mini: Ø 1/2" - 12mm charm
  2. Small:  Ø 2/3" - 16mm charm
  3. Medium: 14mm charm
  4. Large:  Ø 3/4" - 21mm charm
  5. XL:  Ø 1" - 25mm charm



  • Stringing is made of polycotton or nylon, durable and quick-dry and adjustable to most wrists thanks to sliding knots. 
  • Chains: Our pieces of jewelry also come with adjustable chain for both bracelets and necklaces. 
  • Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is clear by default but comes in a wide array of colors on demand or for special productions.