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Styles of Denizen

DENIZEN Bracelets are designed in four( 4) distinctive styles listed from the most expensive to the least:  Bliss - Saturn - Tender  Tear - Pure.

Pure is our unisex model worn mosly by Men and ladies that like oversized accessories

Some styles and some metal lines are not systematically available in all 5 sizes. 

Our standard sizes are Mini (for the Pure),   Small and Large

3 size are optional, based on metal line and/or style:  Mini (XS) - Medium (size exclusive to Asian markets) and XL available only in the USA.

Size is not a matter of wrist size, as all bracelets are adjustable. It is rather a matter of personal taste, aesthetics and preference of proportions. Budget is also a contributing factor when making a choice outside the luxury market..

See availability of styles per size and metal line here below.

Blue ribbons reflects our jewelry line styles and Red feature the duty free and upscale gift shop lines.

All prices are only indicative and reflect the size of the large models.

DENIZEN Bracelet of Cayman island - Gold line in Bliss style DENIZEN Bracelet Slant divider Bliss 18kt gold DENIZEN Bracelet - 925 Sterling silver Grand Cayman island Bliss style with CZ DENIZEN Bracelet of Cayman in Bliss silver DENIZEN Bracelet of Grand Cayman island in Saturn 18kt gold DENIZEN Bracelet tag line separator for Saturn gold DENIZEN Bracelet of Cayman Islands in sterling silver Saturn style DENIZEN Bracelet of Cayman island separator of Saturn silver DENIZEN Bracelet of Grand Cayman Island - Tender Tear gold DENIZEN Bracelet of Cayman Island - separator for 18kt gold Tender Tear style Separator for steel line

Pure---as the name evokes, for a tailored look or a complementary addition to other jewelry in your collection----the image presented unembellished perfection. In sterling, gold or platinum.

Tender Tear---as a single symbol of light, one CZ to highlight and enhance what was created for a gift, a destination, a lifetime memory----to be worn as a subtle beacon.   In sterling, gold, or platinum.

Bliss---the ultimate expression of life well-lived and the places it takes you---CZs encrusted for an intense beauty---incomparable luxury.   In sterling, gold or platinum.


Denizen bracelet of UK


Saturn is one of the most desirable style as it inspire class and embodies elegance with a subtle touch of luxury.