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Retailers - Distributors & Franchisees

Interested in retailing or distributing DENIZEN?

This work space is for prospective retailers and distributors exploring our brand.  

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  • Standard jewelry stores
DENIZEN Bracelet retailer Bretagne
  • 5 star luxury resort boutique(note the difference of displays)
DENIZEN Bracelet retailer Anguilla
  • Luxury resort gift shop with tower showcases at the entrance
DENIZEN Bracelet sold in gift shops
  • Luxury jewelry stores
DENIZEN Bracelets luxury jewelry stores
  • Duty Free airport store (Mumbai International airport)
DENIZEN Bracelet retailer India
  • Cruise line shop
DENIZEN Bracelet airport
    • Dufry operated duty free shop Zurich airport
    DENIZEN Bracelet retailer airport