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Styles of Denizen


Denizen Bracelets come in four(r) styles Pure - Tender - Tear -  Bliss - Saturn.

The same design comes in a total of 5 sizes.

2 standard: Small and Large

3 optional: Mini (XS) for petite size and children - Medium (mostly for Asia) and XL for the macho wrist.

See size chart in Menu.

Pure---as the name evokes, for a tailored look or a complementary addition to other jewelry in your collection----the image presented unembellished perfection. In sterling, gold or platinum.

Tender Tear---as a single symbol of light, one CZ to highlight and enhance what was created for a gift, a destination, a lifetime memory----to be worn as a subtle beacon.   In sterling, gold, or platinum.

Bliss---the ultimate expression of life well-lived and the places it takes you---CZs encrusted for an intense beauty---incomparable luxury.   In sterling, gold or platinum.


Denizen bracelet of UK

Saturn is one of the most desirable style as it inspire class and embodies elegance with a subtle touch of luxury.

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