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Retailers, look for Qr questions for matters related to wholesale.

Q01:  What does Denizen mean?

Q02:  What is cz [cubic zirconia]?

Q03: What is Rhodium?

Q04:  How many styles can I order?

Q05:  How many sizes?

Q06:  Where is the DENIZEN  Bracelet made?

Q07:  Why USA?

Q08: My wrist is small; do I need a smaller wristband than the standard?

Q09: Do I need a larger wristband if I wish to wear my DENIZEN Bracelet as an anklet?

Q10: What is the wristband made of?

Q11: Does the DENIZEN  Bracelet come in another color than black?

Qr12: How Can I order the color bracelets?

Qr13: How do I reorder DENIZEN™ Bracelets for my store?

Q14: I think I have purchased a fake DENIZEN  Bracelet, how can I tell it is an original?

Qr15:  I am a retailer. How long does it take you to ship my first order?

Qr16:  How long does it take you to ship on reorder?

Q17: I bought a DENIZEN ™ bracelet but I do not recall the name of the store. I would like to purchase another bracelet. How can I get in touch with that retailer?

Q18:  What does the registration of Proof of Purchase entitles me to?

Q19: Can I go into the ocean with my DENIZEN  Bracelet?

Q20: Should I remove my Denizen Bracelet when I shower, to protect it from soap scum dullness?

Q21: Will eventually the luster and brilliance of my sterling silver DENIZEN Bracelet wear out in time?

Q22: I see my silver turning green, is it normal?

Qr23: Do you consider the DENIZEN Bracelet as a piece of jewelry?

Qr24: Is there a minimum initial order in order to become a retailer?

Qr25: Can I select to purchase what I think will sell for me best?

Qr26:  Why two bracelets for two separate locations cannot have the same retail and wholesale price?

Qr27:  Why does the unit price of bracelets fluctuate in time?

Qr28: How can I secure my stock of sterling silver bracelets at the best purchase price?

Qr29:  What is the highest fluctuation I can expect in the future?

Q30:  Soon I'm going on vacation to ... ; how can I order or secure the purchase of my DENIZEN before I get there?

Q31:  I've been collecting the DENIZEN  Bracelet for the past 4 years. I brought back with me each bracelet I was able to find in my trips. How can I complete my collection of destinations I have visited but were not able to locate a retailer, if I have no plans of returning in the near future?

Qr32: What methods of payment do you accept?

Qr33: Do you accept credit cards or PayPal?

Qr34:  Do you give terms and open accounts on Denizen Bracelets?

Q35: Do I have to pay sales tax when I place an order with you?

Q36: Can I order over the phone?  

Qr37: Where do you ship from?

Qr38: How do you ship?

Qr39: How long does it take to receive my shipment?    

Qr40: Can I cancel my initial order?  

Qr41: What if an item is out of stock?

Qr42: If I sign up for the email list, will I get spam?




Q01:  What does Denizen™ Mean? Back to top

A01:  The Merriam Webster dictionary defines it as:

1 : inhabitant of a location. <denizen of the forest, of the island>

2 : a person admitted to residence in a foreign country; especially : an alien admitted to rights of citizenship

3 : one that frequents a place <nightclub denizens> <island denizens>

We thought it wouldn't possible to find a more proper name for our bracelets. After all they meant to be retailed, and purchased to bring home from a meaningful destination you visited or are originally from either as still a resident proud of your heritage or as a homesick expat. It is worn as a statement to reveal you are akin, constituent and member of a group.


Q02: What is CZ [Cubic Zirconia]? Back to top

A02: It is a man made diamond like synthetic gemstone that duplicates and surpasses on instances mineral diamond properties, such as light dispersion, specific gravity (density). CZ has, through lab instruments, slightly less luster than a mineral diamond, but it is invisible or undetectable to the naked eye to appreciate any difference. As it is lab made, CZ can be duplicated at much greater pace and quantity and a significantly lower cost than if it had been excavated from a mine.  


Q03:  What is Rhodium? Back to top

A03: Rhodium is a rare, silvery-white, hard and chemically inert metal, member of the platinum group. It is one of the rarest precious metals and, with a price of that has reached in the past up to 3 times the value of gold value and twice the price of platinum. It makes it the most expensive member of that class. It is a hard, durable, silvery-white metallic element that is used to form high-temperature alloys with platinum and is plated on other metals including white gold to produce a durable shine, corrosion-resistant coating on the finest jewelry and precision instruments such as microscopes.


Qr04: How many styles can I choose from? Back to top

Ar04: Unless you are reordering what you sold the fastest, you can not pick and choose with our concept. It comes as a pre-made set showcased the same way all around the world.  We have 4 standard styles ranked from the least to the most expensive. However only three are displayed at any one time on a retailer's display.

i.   PURE: plain face called PURE

ii.   TENDER TEAR: one Cubic Zirconium  [CZ]  encrusted in the face

iii.  BLISS: Pavé CZ encrusted on the full face

iv.  SATURN: Belt of CZ all around the rim of the face

Bliss and Saturn are showcased alternatively every other year.


Q05: How many DENIZEN™ charm sizes are available to order?  Back to top

A05: Five sizes but most of the time only three are available (see *)  

i. Mini*

ii. Small*

iii. Medium (sold only in Asia markets)

iv. Large*

v. Extra large (optional size for US retailers only)


Q06:  Where is DENIZEN™ Bracelet made? Back to top

A06:  In the USA


Q07:  Why USA? Back to top

A07:  Because the Made-in-USA label is still the most entrusted quality label in the world thanks to the exceptional workmanship of our highly skilled labor and great availability of the purest metals few other countries can match.


Q08:  My wrist is small; do I need a smaller wristband than the standard size? Back to top

A08: No, DENIZEN Bracelet wristbands adjust to most wrists from pre-teens to adults.


Q09: Do I need a larger wristband if I wish to wear my Denizen™ Bracelet as an anklet? Back to top

A09:  No, when opened to its maximum the wristband can fit the size of an average woman's ankle, hence it can be worn as an anklet without any special fitting or replacement of a larger wristband provided it is the Large size.


Q10: What is the wristband made of? Back to top

A10: The wristband is offered in several materials:

- 100% Eco micro modal fiber band made from Bamboo (softer and stronger than Egyptian Cotton).

- Silk and polyamide woven strand (for a shinier finish and greater resistance to wear and tear and discoloration due to chlorinated or salt waters). 

- Link chain in matching metal as the charm (steel, silver, gold)

- Leather bands flat stitched or round stitched

Wristbands and stringing are proposed in various diameters to match charm sizes.


Q11: How many colors can I order the DENIZEN™? Back to top

A11: 14 colors. See our Colors page.


Q12: How Can I order the color bracelets? Back to top

A12: Look for the color reference on the spools.

For retailers any color has an MOQ of 25 pieces of the same SKU.


Q13: How do I reorder DENIZEN™ Bracelets for my store ? Back to top

A13: Follow MOQ instructions.


Q14: I suspect I was sold a fake DENIZEN™ Bracelet. How to tell if it is an original? Back to top

A14: Each original DENIZEN product is proudly engraved in the back or for upscale models on the face all around. When you hold a genuine DENIZEN jewelry between your fingers and compare it to a a fake, you can instantly tell by its flimsiness, its thickness, its poor workmanship and feeling of weight.

Frequently you will see trace of rust spots particularly in the thickness of the cutout. Most often looking at the poor polish is a sufficient indication. A DENIZEN product goes through a 9 stage process quality control prior to being shipped out.

Don't be fooled by jewelry described as "silver plated," which simply has a layer of silver bonded to a base metal or "silver" which is an amalgam of other cheap metals added to silver. Federal law requires quality-marked silver also bear the name or a U.S. registered trademark of the company or person that will stand behind the mark. We do and proudly stamp our name in the back side of every charm. Let us know when you come across a fake we take the matter more seriously than just a tap on a back. We will give you a free Denizen™ Bracelet if you can give us a lead so we may track fakes wherever they surface in out of sight markets.

Our bracelets sell at reputable retailers we have carefully selected. In addition you should always ask for PROOF OF PURCHASE to register the online warranty of your product, plus look for on the outer package the hologram of authenticity of our product. We know of New England and California markets plagued with cheap fakes of poor imitation.

Lastly you should always stay clear of retailers that for whatever lame excuse do not showcase our products on our trademarked counter top displays with our brand conspicuously visible atop our POS.


Q15: I am a retailer. How long does it take you to ship my first order? Back to top

A15: Our standard lead time is 60 days. However it can fluctuate. Best is to verify our regularly updated LEAD TIME web page:  

Q16:  How long does it take you to ship on reorder? Back to top

A16:  Same as above. However we frequently hold a small stock for emergency resupply that can ship on a moment's notice.. 


Q17: I bought a DENIZEN™ Bracelet but I do not recall the name of the store. I would like to purchase another bracelet. How can I get in touch with that retailer? Back to top

A17:  If you registered your Proof of Purchase with us to activate your warranty, we would have no problem locating the authorized retailer for you, else you can find it only at our online shop. You can use only your Paypal account to make a purchase online. 


Q18:  What does the registration of Proof of Purchase entitles me to? Back to top

A18:  By registering your purchase, you activate your lifetime warranty that comes with your DENIZEN Bracelet. The basic warranty is valid 3 years from your date of purchase. You can also register for a lifetime warranty for your charm (stringing is excluded as it is a consumable that wears out a different speeds depending on your active and outdoors lifestyle. It is common for your string to last anywhere between 2 to 5 years. For others it can be 12 to 18 months before requiring a replacement. 


Q19: Can I go into the ocean with my Denizen Bracelet? Back to top

A19: Yes you can. We encourage you to keep it on when you bathe in the sun, swim and dive in oceans and lakes. We crafted your bracelet from the best sourced raw materials available in America so you do not have to worry about taking it off and on your hand. The more you will wear your bracelet it in extreme or adverse conditions, the more your bracelet will grow on you. You need to know beforehand that natural fiber cotton wristband will eventually fade as we use only natural dye. If you wish to have your string color stable when you swim in oceans or in pools, then we recommend you using or changing to our polyamide stringing that will not fade under the same circumstances. However there is nothing like the feeling of wearing a natural product as opposed to a petroleum derivative.


Q20: Should I remove my DENIZEN™ Bracelet when I shower?  Back to top

A20: You do not need to. Simply ensure as you dry out with your towel to give it a little shine to remove any trace of soap scum that may with time give your product a dull finish. .


Q21: Will eventually the luster and brilliance of my DENIZEN™ Bracelet wear out in time? Back to top

A21: Naturally yes. It is a normal process that requires little maintenance over time. Your DENIZEN™ Bracelet has been dipped into 5 micron of Rhodium to keep its face shiny for many years to come. The natural reflection of your charm will dull out, which is expected due to soap scum accumulation, body cream, sweat, residue of limestone or salt in water. As long as you keep wearing your DENIZEN ™ Bracelet it will never tarnish and keep its beautiful color. When stored, for extended periods of time, the shine may fade. It's time for a maintenance to send it to us to give it a second life.


Q22: I see my silver turning into green, is it normal? Back to top

A22: People with a naturally high acidity level may find silver turning their skin with shades of green. That green color is actually caused by oxidization; the same process that tarnishes or blackens unprotected silver. Verify the authenticity of your purchase. You may have purchased a fake. Frequent cleansing of silver will reduce this "Wicked Witch of the West". However you can expect with confidence this will not happen with a genuine DENIZEN  product. Because we treat all our jewelry with proprietary compounds.


Q23: Do you consider DENIZEN™ Bracelet as a piece of jewelry? Back to top

A23: It all depends. We do neither consider nor promote our products as a straight jewelry. We market it as a world class travel souvenir for travelers and expats alike they can wear it as a precious jewelry with an unparalleled Sense of Place and exceptional emotional and commercial value. 


Q24: Is there an MOQ to become a retailer? Back to top

A: Yes! We offer several programs with preset packages depending on your store size and category of retail venue :

  a) Are you a hotel gift shop, golf pro shop or small boutique? We have the display package customized for you.

  b) Are you a mainstream jewelry store, we have the display package customized for your size and category.

  c) Are you a Large store, airport gift shop, cruise ship terminal based store? We have the right package and order size for you.

  d) Are you an airline? We also do have the right program for you.

  e) Are you a ferry or a cruise line? You will not find no better brand or product anywhere that can outsell us. Let us show you how hundreds of ships are already selling DENIZEN™ very successfully.

  f) Private label depending on complexity of logo will require a quantity of 500 pieces per model to be quoted on request. Smaller quantity is possible however it will affect your unit price.


Q25: Can I select to purchase what I think will sell for me best? Back to top

A25: The DENIZEN ™ Bracelet is a true and tried concept not a line of jewelry that changes with each season. We have been consistently manufacturing our product for over three decades and doing just about that for nearly 150 countries and 400 destinations worldwide on all 7 continents. No one knows our product better than we do. Thus we do not think what may sell best. We know how to help you sell our brand. We base our experience from over 5000 active domestic and active accounts of which the majority having multiple doors, ships or jets.

Once you have set up your display, with your first order delivered, only your stock will dictate your renewal size and frequency. Not what you "think" might sell.  

Q26:  Why two bracelets for two separate locations cannot have the same wholesale price? Back to top

A26: Because not two maps have the same shape, tooling and workmanship time required to complete a piece. Some designs are more complex, thus requiring more experienced hands that are costlier. In addition for our precious metal lines, weight of a product can significantly fluctuate a cost based on the shape of a map or design.


Q27:  Why does the unit price of bracelets fluctuate up and down in time? Back to top

A27: We tend to maintain our prices stable within 3% of London precious metal fixing fluctuations. We can fairly predict the orientation of the price, but no one can control the precious metal bullion market. We buy gold or silver in the open market like everyone else and pay the price quoted at closing on the day of our purchase. As long as we have enough quantity of the precious metal in stock, the old price will prevail, provided it has not gone up dramatically. Rebuilding stock requires purchasing more precious metal at market rate which is not likely going to be the same as the previous market price. For your purchases, we can only lock your price the day you place your order, not the day we issue you a quote, unless the London fixing has not fluctuated more than 3%, in that instance we will honor our price). Keep in mind you are pleasantly surprised when the price also goes down.


Q28: How can I secure my stock of sterling silver bracelets at the best purchase price? Back to top

A28:  When the precious metal price goes down, it's time to constitute some extra stock. Usually at the beginning of the year precious metals are at their lowest price. You can follow the price, it is quoted daily on countless websites. We like www.kitco.com


Q29:  What is the highest fluctuation I can expect in the future? Back to top

A29: No one can say for sure, we can only speak of history. in 2010 Silver has fluctuated from the first week of 2010 when it closed at $18.42 a troy ounce (tr.oz.), all the way up end of April 28, 2011 when it closed at an all high $48.70. In general, precious metals always gain value. (revised 06/30/2011).


Q30:  Soon I'm going on vacation again to XYZ island, can I find a Denizen bracelet there? Back to top

A30:  Chances are you will, we are not yet everywhere in the world, but we are trying hard to bring them to you as fast as we can, as fast as your retailer can take absorb them. Please check our map, first then, if you are not satisfied with the answer, we welcome your questions. Simply fill out the form in Contact Us  and we will very happy to inform you of the nearest retailer in the area you are going to or live in.


Q31:  I've been collecting the Denizen Bracelet for the past 4 years. I brought back with me each bracelet I could found in my trips abroad and in some US coastal cities where I have vacationed in. How can I buy rare bracelets of limited editions? I hear some exclusive islands such as, Jost Van Dyke, Mustique, Canouan, St Bart, Necker island, Cooper Island have theirs. How can I buy these rare bracelets, if I have no plans in the near future of going there?

A31:  You let us know which island bracelets you like to purchase and we will be more than happy to give you the only one authorized retailer in such small islands like Pinel island a tiny French island a stone throw away from the coast of French St Martin.

P.S. St Bart is not exclusive as you might think. We have 28 authorized retailers. We keep four in Mustique and five in Jost Van Dyke. All others you mentioned and many more have indeed only one store on island retailing their insular Denizen Bracelet. We will be more than happy to give you the list of the most exotic places that carry our Denizen Bracelet peculiar to their area.

Back to top

Q32: What methods of payment do you accept? Back to top

A32: We, at En Vogue group (US, French and Dutch operations), accept credit cards (Visa, Master Card and American Express). For our wholesale operation we add bank fees to card holder. The Bill To Address and Ship To Address must match the credit card billing address.

Your credit card statement will show En Vogue at our address in the Netherlands Antilles as the charge.

Due to restrictive fiscal status of En Vogue LLC a US offshore registered in the state of Delaware, we are restricted from accepting direct deposits in our US bank accounts from our US based customers or face taxation. This is why you can enjoy a very attractive price.

For our US based customers with shipping address in the US, we can accept local US personal or company checks made out to either name of two of main managing partners and owners or a wire payment made to a personal account opened to that effect. Else we recommend payment by wire transfer to En Vogue at our banks in St Maarten.


Non-US resident and non-US based customers with non-US shipping address are welcome to choose their method of payment:

From their home country they can select, with no restriction to make a payment of their choice:

- by bank draft or wire payment to En Vogue LLC at our US bank

- by US local drawn checks, provided the account is non resident made out to En Vogue LLC.

 Please request a link to our website for further details or we may send you a payment procedure in pdf format.


Q33: Do you accept Payl Pal? Back to top

A33: Yes


Q34:  Do you give terms and open accounts on Denizen Bracelets? Back to top

A34:  Not on precious metal commodities. It is a cash business only. We can't touch an once of silver or gold from the precious market if not paid in full prior to delivery. We cannot be shipped an once of precious metal from our silversmiths if our orders are not entirely paid for, even after a decade of business. The reason behind it is the major price swings that constantly disadvantage one party over the other regardless in which direction the price goes. Say you buy our silver bracelets at a set price of $100 with terms net 30 days . The following weeks silver price is down to $80? Is it fair for you to pay a much higher price? You will be reluctant to pay $100 when the market is at $80 and vice versa for us the vendor disadvantaged if we collect $100 today on a month old price while the market is at $120 today, making the stock replacement at loss. A reason why also we disregard orders that have not been paid in full or with a 50% deposit within a week from the issuance of their proforma.


Q35: Do I have to pay sales tax when I place an order with you? Back to top

A35: Currently you do not have to pay any sales tax in any state, province or country.  However you are responsible for complying with your local and state tax laws and customs duties if any.


Q36: Can I order over the phone? Back to top

A36: Unfortunately we cannot take phone orders at this time. Our telephone staff is dedicated to customer service only. All order must be in a written form.


Q37: Where do you ship from? Back to top

A37: All our shipments originate from our warehouse in St Maarten.


Q38: How do you ship? Back to top

A38: We use any of the following methods that is most convenient or economical for you:

 However when we do not ship on your account, we use FedEx as our preferred method of shipment except for Luna C line that is very bulky and requires ocean freight.


Q39: How long does it take to receive my shipment? Back to top

A39: We can only speak from years of our experience. We make no representation or endorsement of any courier our shipping line.

   - FEDEX - UPS - DHL from 24hr to 72hr excluding week ends. - WORLDWIDE

   - PRIORITY MAIL from 8 to 12 days. USA - CANADA

   - by air cargo from 3 to 7 days up to 15 days on one instance

   - by ocean freight  8 days to Miami once a week every Monday. to all other destinatios it may take from 24 hours for nearby islands to 30 days. For the pacific region including Hawaii, The Indian Ocean and Dubai we ship from our Hong Kong En Vogue Asia subsidiary.


Q40: Can I cancel my initial order? Back to top

A40: Unfortunately, we can't change your order once it's been submitted. We process orders very quickly and manufacture to order[your order in this instance] - which is usually a good thing!

We understand that everyone makes mistakes. We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs, but once an initial paid order is submitted there is little we can do. This is the reason we do not take verbal or written orders without down payments.

Displays and bracelets are specific to a mapped area and are all but substitutable with another area. Furthermore when you place your order with us, we manufacture an extra quantity for you to cover your future needs when time comes for your reorder. Subsequently, since your reorders will be processed from stock, you can expect our manufactured quantity to exceed your actual ordered quantity to cover a good three months of your estimated needs. Your cancellation, would equate, simply throwing away four months worth of sales of Denizen Bracelets for us as we will have little or no opportunity ever to sell them to someone else. They will remain in our warehouse with no opportunity to sell them unless we fly again to your location to sign up another retailer, which will put us at considerable loss, when you consider all the expenses to sign again one retailer to replace your account. Economically it is nonsense to return to sign up a new additional retailer once we developed a new market. So you will lose your deposit. If you wish to delay your payment, then you will pay the market rate on the day you are prepared to pay your balance. We will charge also a flat 10% surcharge as a stocking fee plus a monthly 1.5% 20 days starting from your due date.


Q41: What if an item is out of stock? Back to top

A41: If it happens, which to this date, never took place, reruns on production take 30 days. We will do our best to follow your sales trend to keep always a sufficient quantity to supply you from stock.


Q42:  If I sign up for the email list, will I get spam? Back to top

A42:  No, we value our customers' privacy and you will only be contacted by our company. We do not disclose customer information to any third parties or sell our customer lists.


Still have questions? Please contact us anytime! We look forward to hearing from you.


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