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What does DENIZEN mean?
/ˈdɛnɪz(ə)n/ “an animal, plant, or person that lives or is often in a particular place”

Find yours and become a denizen of your favorite place! We are all denizens of Earth! 

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What is a DENIZEN® bracelet?
It is an atypical souvenir jewelry favored by fashion-conscious travelers. Its appealing design and sense of place make it an all-time memento and travel gift. Show your love for a special place and remember fond moments spent  there. 
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Where is DENIZEN® Bracelet made?
Proudly manufactured in the USA.
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How to tell if my DENIZEN® Bracelet is an original?
Each original DENIZEN™ product is engraved at the back. In addition, you should only accept a sealed branded gift box from your retailer. Our bracelets are sold at reputable points of sale we have carefully selected. You should always stay clear of retailers not showcasing “our” products on our trademarked counter-top displays with our brand clearly visible.
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What is CZ [Cubic Zirconia]?
It is a man-made diamond-like synthetic gemstone that duplicates mineral diamond properties, such as light dispersion and density. CZ has slightly less luster than a mineral diamond, but it is undetectable to the naked eye. As it is lab made, CZ can be duplicated at a significantly lower cost than if it had been mined.
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What is rhodium?
Rhodium is one of the rarest precious metals. With a price that has reached in the recent past up to 3 times the value of gold and twice the price of platinum, it makes it the most expensive member of its class. It is a hard, silvery metallic element that is used to form high-temperature alloys with platinum and is plated on other metals including white gold to produce a durable shine, corrosion-resistant coating on the finest jewelry.
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Can I swim and shower with my DENIZEN® Bracelet?
Yes, you can! We encourage you to keep it on when you bathe in the sun, swim in a pool and dive in the ocean. You just need to rinse it with clear water afterwards. After showering, simply ensure as you dry out with your towel to give it a little shine to remove any trace of soap scum that may, with time, give your product a dull finish. We crafted your bracelet from high-quality materials, so you do not have to worry about taking it on and off. The more you will wear your bracelet, the more it will grow on you. However, you need to know beforehand that the polycotton wristband will eventually fade and naturally fiddle over the years, requiring its replacement just like any watch strap.
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Will my DENIZEN® Bracelet oxidize?
Neve! Our products are made of either rhodium-coated stainless steel and sterling silver or 14kt-18kt gold so they will never oxidize. They are designed to live with you at all times. If your bracelet is turning green, verify the authenticity of the product. You have most likely purchased a fake. You can expect with confidence this will not happen with a genuine DENIZEN™ product because we treat all our jewelry with proprietary compounds.
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Can I find a DENIZEN® Bracelet during my next trip?
Chances are you will. We are not everywhere in the world yet, but we are trying hard to bring them to you as fast as we can. Simply fill out the form in contact us and we will be happy to inform you of the nearest retailer in the area you are going to or live in. Otherwise, order online and get it delivered to your door! Lastly, if we do not carry your favorite destination yet, you can special order it at no additional cost and we will be delighted to manufacture the first one for you!
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What methods of payment do you accept?
We currently process retail orders via credit cards (Visa, Master Card and American Express), Paypal Checkout (you do not need a Paypal account) and Stripe.
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What if an item is out of stock?
If it happens, it is mentioned on the product page that the production lead time takes 30-45 days. But you can still order, and it will be shipped to you as soon as its manufacture is completed!
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