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 Entering the last year of our 4th decade in existence, our sense of ingenuity has yet to be surpassed by a better travel inspired jewelry concept. Our motto  " UNFORGETTABLE TRAVEL MEMORIES" reflects our keepsakes purpose epitomized in a captivating design, bespoke while exclusive to your very own destination, 

 No detail has been spared to prompt a "wow" cheer from your customers in search of a souvenir to take home and those on a jewelry hunt to adorn their wrists or necks. As you are able to appeal with our concept both category minded shoppers (souvenirs and jewelry), clearly you are doubling the selling potency of our products. Considering our jewelry appeals also to both   f emale and male shoppers and all too often to couples, your prospects are no longer halved but quadrupled. This explains in part the selling potency on steroids of DENIZEN products in your store.

 Its commercial attributes check all your boxes: uniqueness, newness, luxury, affordability, versatility, calibrated price point, profitability, and most importantly relevance to your location to set you apart from anyone else in the world. Describing our concept in a few words before you see it in the brochure: Picture a cutout map alluding to your destination in a minimalist or in a stone-studded medallion-like charm. We mount said charm(s) on a chain or cord bracelet, a necklace and other fashion accessories for those with finer tastes: cuff links, tie clips for men and earrings or brooches for ladies.

 Zirconium or diamonds studded pieces give a glitzy look with a feminine touch to our top of the line stylish models. Our minimalist version remains best suited for masculine and/or sporty look and feel. It will be also your best seller aided by the more expensive pieces that will make it look like a better deal.

 Each of our 8 collections boasts a range of 4 styles, 4 sizes in 4 metal lines to choose from 18kt yellow gold, 14kt rose gold, .925 Sterling silver and stainless steel One of them must be a be fit for your retail venue and desired average price point at your store.

 Named by the most prestigious travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler an " A Brilliantly Crafted Haute-Couture Souvenir in a Minimalist Jewelry", we are frequently celebrated by   Hollywood and showbiz stars  and the   press  as a MUST TO TAKE HOME TRAVEL GIFT.



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