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Dear retailer, 

Entering our 4th decade of existence, our sense of creativity still sets us apart from the rest. Our focus has remained unchanged, conveying to our customers heart warming "Unforgettable Travel Memories" epitomized in our captivating concept of a travel-inspired jewelry with a canny sense of place exclusive to each destination.

Neither a mere souvenir, nor a ordinary jewelry, DENIZEN, is a world class-souvenir designed to be a stylish bespoke jewelry exclusive to each destination. Currently, we are exporting to over 5,000 retailers worldwide, operating in more than 350 destinations of a combined 140 countries/territories and still counting. The menu of our website will reflect most destinations current within the month, however our brochure shows only a selected few international destinations, randomly selected to reflect all continents.

It is an astutely designed line consisting of a cutout outlining a map or a symbol of a location in a minimalist polished or stone studded charm, you can wear in many versatile ways to portray a "Sense-of-Place'. It is elegantly merchandised to enhance the visual appeal. Our elegant custom designed displays are self-explaining to make an indelible impression on your customers and our our remarkably branded gift boxes convey your retail venue on land, on water or in air. Our variety of merchandise mix provide the ideal variety to your shoppers to motivate them to make an "either-or" buying decision rather than a "yes-no" decision. Our timeless design appeal to older and newer generation as attested by the database of  our online warranty registrations and our followers on social media. Our genderless designs appeal equally to men and women. For the latter we offer a more feminine touch.

Zirconium or diamonds studded pieces give a glitzy look with a feminine touch to our top of the line stylish models. Our minimalist version remains best suited for masculine and/or sporty look and feel.

Each of our 7 collections boasts a range of 4 styles, 4 sizes in 4 metal lines to choose from 18kt, 14kt gold, Sterling silver and stainless steel to match your retail venue and store price point.

Named by the most prestigious travel magazine Conde Nast Traveler an "Haute Couture Souvenir", we are frequently celebrated in the press as a MUST to take home upon returning from travels for possessing the distinctive brilliance and finesse to implicitly narrate to each one of us anecdotes of our very own memories at a glance. Who doesn't hold dear, if not priceless, their memories? Over 5,000 retailers around the world will tell you that is precisely what sells best. 


Suggested duty free retail prices are listed on page 110-111-112.

For wholesale or other currency Contact Us using our webmail or contacting your Denizen representative.

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