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Jewelry store counter top display: Orbits

DENIZEN Bracelet display Orbits DENIZEN Bracelet display Orbits of Tahiti DENIZEN Bracelet Orbits display Anguilla


Stainless steel line display for luxury gift shops - mainstream jewelry stores and duty free stores

Showcasing 36 stainless steel bracelets mounted: from top left to bottom right:

[ 4 Bliss size large - 4 Tender Tear size large - 4 Pure size large]

[ 4 Bliss size small - 4 Tender Tear size small - 4 Pure size small]

[ 6 Pure rhodium finish size mini - 6 Pure gold plated size mini]

or Alternatively,

[ 6 Pure yellow gold mini - 6 rose gold mini]

Optionally in the vertical detachable and magnetized necklace holder you can showcase up to 4 necklaces, in this image 3 are shown mounted

DENIZEN Video display DENIZEN Video display - gift shops

Tube mounted disc display reserved for resort gift shops

DENIZEN Bracelet standard gift shop displays

Demonstration pouch and small display for small luxury hotels

DENIZEN Bracelet demonstration pouch

DENIZEN Bracelet demonstration pouch

Glass tower showcase

Glass tower showcase

Single - twin and multiple bundled tower showcases for large retail space (i.e. airport pop ups)

Airport Kiosk 2


LED 3 sided bridge lit tower showcases with built-in storage space inside the column

DENIZEN Bracelet tower showcases with built-in storage space

Locking rotating counter top showcase for stainless steel line

DENIZEN Bracelet locked rotating counter top tower showcase

Rotating self-serve tower showcase for stainless steel line

DENIZEN Bracelet  self-serve tower showcase

Single focal point Jewelry box display for 18kt gold collection