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Mini brochure

This pamphlet is a quick overview of Denizen concept to give you an idea of how it can bring a plus to your selection and offerings to your customers.

If you like from the little you will see come in the hereafter mini brochure of 20 pages, come  back to this webpage and click below on the cover page our full brand presentation.

You will be spellbound and so will be your customers once you start retaling them.



 Full brand presentation (85 pages)


 Our lines and their retail price points differentiate by designs, models and styles, thru showcasing and their retail displays and packaging based on the category of retail channel that describes you best:

For each of the following retail channels we have created a brochure that focuses on your peculiarities to optimize your sales. 

- border crossing and airport duty free stores

- cruise / ferry line on board retailing

- airlines or in-flight concessionaires

- jewelry stores

- resorts and resort destinations upscale to luxury gift shops.

To send you our brochure best suited for your retail activity, please contact your sales rep or write us at: