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South Korea

    1. If you ever got the chance to visit the "Land of the Morning Calm", you will want to remember it forever!
    2. A ticket to South Korea is the promise of an unforgettable trip: spectacular nature, remote islands, rice fields but also the bustling metropolis of Seoul.
    3. Design:  South Korea map
    4. Production lead time: 30-45 days
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    8. Small:  Ø 2/3" - 16mm charm
    9. Medium: 14mm charm
    10. Large:  Ø 3/4" - 21mm charm
    11. XL:  Ø 1" - 25mm charm
    12. Waxed polycotton string with adjustable sliding knots
    13. Pure: Plain, high-polished without stone - UNISEX
    14. Tender Tear: 1 CZ (steel/silver) or 1 diamond (14-18kt gold)
    15. Bliss: CZ pave (steel/silver) or diamonds inlay (14-18kt gold)
    16. Saturn: 36 CZ/diamonds inlay along the perimeter
    17. 316L stainless steel: resistant to sea water and chlorine               
    18. .925 sterling silver
    19. 14kt- 18kt yellow/rose gold
    20. Plating: rhodium, black rhodium,  yellow/rose gold