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The request of our bank details in addition to your written and or verbal order and our approval constitute your full consent and approval to adhere to the following terms and conditions that will govern your custom-made order. Access to this page is stated in our budgetary quotation and final approved proforma invoice against which you will make your payment.

At this stage in the progress of your order, after having received your written or verbal approval to proceed with your order and in due consideration of our acceptance to start manufacturing it under the following terms, you acknowledge, agree and understand that you can no longer cancel your order after 48 hours that followed your order confirmation. Upon the start of the 3rd working day following your confirmed order, steps will be or have already been undertaken in preparation of your aggregate order in collaboration with third party vendors that were notified expressly and irrevocably to proceed with the manufacturing of the outsourced parts and components of your order i.e. customized gift boxes, your customized display and customized die casts exclusively specific to your destination.

As such, NO ORDER MAY BE CANCELLED OR CHANGED BY BUYER. Buyer may not intentionally fail to perform an order or be exclusively liable of the following consequences, unless buyer receives from DENIZEN WORLD our express written consent or within the retraction period set forth as hereafter.

DENIZEN WORLD does not consent under any circumstances verbally or in writing to buyer's cancellation of their custom-made order, buyer shall be immediately liable to pay DENIZEN WORLD for materials used and time spent in preparation of order as specified here below: 

In the event you maintain the intent of cancellation of your order, we extend you the courtesy to cancel at no fault to you and thus at no risk of penalty if your cancellation takes place on or before the end of the 2nd workday preceding your written or verbal confirmation of your order as recorded in our books regardless if you have issued a P/O or assigned a reference number. On the start of the 3rd work day there are five (5) possible alternatives you may face:

1. Your deposit has already been received and we will ask you to reconsider before you forfeit it. DENIZEN WORLD will provide you with a one week (7 calendar days) curing period to reconsider and rectify the situation. If buyer fails to rectify the reason/s that led to the issue of cancellation notice or intention, then we will take any of the following alternatives that may best protect our interests.  

2. If you full payment has been received, we will refund you at our entire discretion up to 50% of the net value of your order, deducting any legal costs, if incurred.

3. No deposit has been made as of the date of your cancellation and you will agree to pay us a cancellation charge of $1500 to cover the cost billed by our vendors.

4. If all amiable considerations to find an agreeable solution have failed within a week time, you expressly agree and approve we will resort to litigate this material of breach of any term of our contract before a court of law in your jurisdiction, all court costs and reasonable legal direct and indirect costs and fees  we advanced and/or committed to will be borne entirely by you.

5. While under litigation DENIZEN WORLD will temporarily suspend performance of your order. If and when resuming production of your order and, raw material and other associated costs have increased, buyer will be entirely liable for the difference of costs. We reserve the right to revise prices that will constitute the new total of the order.