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Should this be the first time you discover our brand, welcome! Yet, we are not another new kid in the block, as we are approaching the celebration of our 40th anniversary since we rolled out first DENIZEN Bracelet® .

If you are familiar with our name or product line, you may have seen us in your travels, at airport stores, on board airlines in their inflight duty free magazines, or on board cruise or ferry lines and possibly simply worn by their passengers.

You may have glanced at our displays of shop windows in 5* hotels and resorts or eventually at jewelry store in some resort destination where you vacationed,

The nature of our concept was never intended to be your run-of-the-mill typical jewelry brand mainly present, in their breeding grounds, such as downtown or mall stores. We are a brand exclusively made and cut for Travel Related markets focusing solely on travelers, may you refer to them as "passengers", "tourists", "guests" or "visitors" etc.

The first  DENIZEN Bracelet® answered a fiery call from "Travel-Related" retailers keen to propose to their affluent vacationing customers, with a finicky taste, a swanky keepsake, they often briskly asked for from the doorsteps of many stores. You probably relate to these requests still current today.

It was and still is a brilliant idea, owed to serendipity, born in year 1984 in the island of St Barts. We fashioned a keepsake into a sentimental, minimalist yet startling jewelry with an unprecedented design as we will explain. It embodied travel memories of the island and by extension today, travel memories of hundreds among the most exclusive vacation destinations in the world, espousing at each location our tailor-made concept, just as we did it for you.

If you are on this page, it manifests, we have designed the legacy of our bracelet for your location, so you too can retail your custom-designed  DENIZEN Bracelet®, for your customers.

Created by  two globetrotters for like-minded trendsetting travelers.

Two partners, totally novices to the jewelry world, founded a 2-men-partnership in St Barts during the era of the mid-eighties as a side gig. Local friends to the founders, owners of the the most luxurious jewelry stores on island, if not in the entire Caribbean challenged them to bring to life an amazing and astute design of an evocative jewelry of St Barts sketched on a bar napkin and stock them with it. 

All 4 jewelers present clamored in unison "make them in gold and I will sell them like hot cakes". Wager taken! Success was instantaneous at their stores. Mostly  celebrity customers  were the first to own them (see them in the link). All others followed suit, captivated by our unconventional design. Unexpectedly, the locals adopted it as a fashionable rallying sign.

It has been the most popular keepsake jewelry infused with a sense of place unchallenged to this day based on internet searches and comparative figures.  702 destinations in 178 countries and territories on 7 continents distributed by over 5800 retailers, all operating exclusively in resorts or niche travel markets and the numbers are still growing nearly every day.

Profiles our two founding partners.

The first was a French Paris based clinical psychologist turned renowned philosopher authoring many successful books. His unrelated trade to jewelry proved extremely utile to our signature concept. The second was a Houston, Texas based American surgeon, passionate about astronomy and an inventor of several precision surgical tools used today throughout the world in medical procedures. 

How it all began.

One night of October 1984, the US partner while on island, showed his future associate through his newly received home telescope, the spine-tingling planet Saturn. There laid the brilliant celestial inspiration, right before their eyes on how to design what will become the   DENIZEN Bracelet ®

Unprecedented paradoxical concept 

Saturn rings were replicated as the polished silver disc-like charm you are probably familiar with or about to see in the image below. The blurred surface of the planet unseen by the naked or aided eye could only the subject of imagination. This aspect was construed with a stroke of genius, by the French psychiatrist in an unprecedented design. Paradoxical to conventional representation to shape an object, our signature design consisted of cutting out the what best represents St Barts: Its map! So here also no eye could see it but every mind could imagine it as it experienced it making it a self reminding and emotional personal story teller.

In a word, with a DENIZEN Bracelet on their wrist, each customer is able to evoking their own memories, filling nostalgically the suggestive outlined cavity left out by the map cutout. For those unsure of the significance of the cutout, our bracelets are showcased in an award winning tailor-made  disc-concept display that unequivocally spells out the name of the location that clears any doubt. (see our displays section by clicking on the above link).

From a brilliant idea to a perfect execution

To bring the project to life of this brilliant idea, they needed the right craftsman for the perfect execution. The French partner proved again his resourcefulness by saving the day, calling his brother-in-law, an acclaimed master goldsmith of a prestigious Parisian jewelry brand based at the ritzy address of Place Vendome.

Four years later, he became our first director of production at our factory that opened its doors in 1989.

And so as a testimonial of our first production batch, we named our original collection "Vendome".

Today DENIZEN WORLD is a 500 plus staffed company established in the suburb of Houston, Texas with multiple sales offices in the USA and abroad in Europe and Asia that contribute to our growth giving us a foothold from Paris to Peking and from Alaska to Zanzibar.



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