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Our story

The DENIZEN® bracelet answered a call to design a cutting-edge souvenir disguised in a dazzling fine and/or fashion jewelry that embodies travel memories, one destination at a time, all over the world. 

Created by a globetrotter for trend-setting travelers

DENIZEN® bracelet was born in the luxury resort island of St. Barth. An American surgeon and passionate sailor had a soft spot for this speck in the Caribbean Sea. One night in 1985, the spine-tingling planet Saturn appeared in his telescope. He was inspired by this view: a polished silver disc circling the planet’s blurry surface.  

And so was born the idea of the Bracelet of St Barth, later named DENIZEN .

Its creator had been cogitating for some time about the idea of a keepsake on par with the prestige of the island as a world-class destination for millionaires and Hollywood A-listers.

A highly respected goldsmith in Paris was commissioned to manufacture the prototype and the first series ordered by the finest jewelers on island, who remained our loyal retailers to this day. The design replicated the vision of Saturn: the ''invisible" land mass of St Barth through the cutout of an abstract map in a stunning yet minimalist round charm to portray the planet ring. The initial production was in 18kt gold to befit the fortunate few who vacationed on island.

The idea to mentally visualize their own memories and feed their wanderlust resulted in bohemian luxury piece with a sense of place: it was met with instant success and its popularity never faded over three decades later, with new retailers in new destinations being added to our portfolio every year. French by birth and international by ‘berth’, today DENIZEN® bracelets represent nearly 150 countries and territories, over 400 destinations on all 7 continents, from Antarctica to Zimbabwe. The rest is history.