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Elba bracelet

    1. Hidden beaches in secluded coves with mountainous backdrops.
    2. Vineyards and olive tree plantations hold the promise of succulent Tuscan delicacies to be enjoyed under the glorious Mediterranean sun.  
    3. Design:  Elba  map (actual product engraved on the back)
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    1. Mini:  Ø  1/2" - 12mm charm
    2. Small:  Ø  2/3" - 16mm charm
    3. Large:  Ø  3/4" - 21mm charm
    4. XL:  Ø  1" - 25mm charm
    5. Waxed polycotton string with adjustable sliding knots
    1. Pure:  Plain, high-polished without stone - UNISEX
    2. Tender Tear:  1 CZ (steel/silver) or 1 diamond (14-18kt gold)
    3. Bliss:  CZ pave (steel/silver) or diamonds inlay (14-18kt gold)
    4. Saturn:  36 CZ/diamonds inlay along the perimeter 
    1. 316L stainless steel: resistant to sea water and chlorine
    2. 316L stainless steel - Black rhodium, yellow/rose gold                    
    3. .925 sterling silver
    4. 14kt-18kt yellow/rose gold
    5. Plating: rhodium, black rhodium,  yellow/rose gold